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Emergency Situations Training
Emergency Situations Training

A part of the Basic Life Skills practical training program that at least one person in a family should possess. In addition to families, this training is also very suitable for the education of school students. It aims to make Indonesians disaster aware by understanding the potential hazards and disasters in the surrounding environment, in order to be able to prevent and have the skills to act quickly and appropriately when danger or disaster occurs.

This activity is held in an open space and has a duration of 2 hours with the method of explanation demonstration and direct practice guided by experienced trainers from the Social Disaster and Rescue team.

There are two sub-materials for learning and practising, which are:

  1. Basic Life Support
    • First Aid for Burn Wounds
    • First Aid for Choking
    • First Aid for Snake Bite
    • First Aid for Broken Bones
    • First Aid for a Fainted Person
    • Handling Electrical Hazards
  2. Disaster
    • Flood Disaster Recognition
    • Fire Disaster Recognition
    • Earthquake Disaster Recognition
    • Disease Outbreak Disaster Recognition
    • Land Evacuation Technique

Emergency Situations Training has been conducted 22 times and trained more than 2,500 general public and school students.

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