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Disaster Leadership Training
Disaster Leadership Training

Four days and three nights of training to form volunteers to be fast and skilful to have the capacity as leaders to manage disaster management. There are two stages of selection, in the form of physical tests and disaster knowledge. Furthermore, this training has 14 materials from the 4 phases of disaster, i.e. mitigation, preparedness, emergency and recovery. As a result, it will increase volunteers' knowledge of disaster management, their physical stability and self-confidence.

Covered materials include :

  • Introduction to Disaster Mitigation
  • Integrated Disaster Management
  • Rapid Disaster Assessment
  • Command Post Management
  • Basic Life Support & Medical First Responder
  • Introduction to Land Navigation
  • Radio Communication
  • Rigging
  • Introduction to Vertical Rescue
  • Action Management
  • Volunteer Management
  • Land Evacuation Technique
  • Disaster Management Simulation
  • Logistics Management

The target participants in this training are 18-35 years old who are Indonesian citizens, university students, members of organizations or communities engaged in the humanitarian field and interested in volunteering for disaster relief.

Disaster Leadership Training has been conducted nine times and trained more than 300 volunteers.

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