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Tatar Nusantara
Tatar Nusantara

At Tatar Nusantara, we send volunteers to remote areas of Indonesia that have been "marginalized" in terms of resources and access to outsiders. In this program, volunteers will share knowledge in various ways i.e community reading programs, community learning centres and local groups. Spending one year living in a community with gaining experience would forge their empathy. Moreover, foster their positive and solutive personality towards the nation's problems. Hence we believe that their presence there could inspire millions of Indonesian children to continue to grow and for the local communities get encouraged to move forward to develop their villages and fulfilling their dreams that had been on hold there.

Objectives of the Tatar Nusantara Program :
  • A volunteer movement that invites all parties to work together to solve village problems, in the fields of education, agriculture, creative economy, public health, and the environment.
  • Aspiring to create as many young leaders as possible who have "nation character building" that can compete at the global level with local understanding.
  • Building local community networks as an effort to create a sustainable impact from the presence of Tatar Nusantara Volunteers (Retanu).
  • Building a massive village-based volunteer movement to create a more humane nation.

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