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Sekolah Relawan's Social Disaster and Rescue Team Responds to Papua Earthquake

21 Feb 2023

Papua has been hit by 1,174 earthquakes since early January. According to BMKG (Indonesian Agency for Meteorological, Climatological and Geophysics), the thousands of earthquakes that hit Jayapura included unfelt, felt and caused damaged earthquakes. Two destructive earthquakes were recorded in February.

Support has not been evenly distributed, and people who stay in evacuation camps need more decent tents. In addition, the lack of food and medicines or vitamins overshadows the other impacts that will be caused.

The Sekolah Relawan team, which is currently in the earthquake-affected locations, immediately responded with active actions to set up emergency tents together with the government and other collaborative volunteers.

After the earthquake, it turned out that many affected residents did not have emergency tents. They were still sleeping on top of each other. As a result, when we helped set up emergency tents, some residents were scrambling to occupy these emergency tents.

Aftershocks still occur every day. For the past month, Jayapura residents have been haunted by earthquakes that vary in strength. They are worried and choose to stay in emergency tents. However, aid, especially emergency tents, has not been evenly distributed.

In addition, the weather has been erratic. Residents of Numbai Village, South Jayapura District, Jayapura City, still need help so they can survive in the evacuation site.

The people in Papua are struggling. In the midst of disasters that hit the world, Papua needs our attention.

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